Why switch to Windows 10 or a Mac when you can use Linux instead?


This guy is obsessive about Mint!

There’s a plethora of minor things in that article which show up his limited experience with Linux.

Many of the complaints about Windows and the MAC are about what, to put it in a short form, involve “dumping’ users. Every Windows upgrade has outdated either equipment or training/experience, and sometimes both.
The UI model though XP was dumped and dumped again. The Office UI model was dumped and dumped and dumped again.

As he says, Linux can run on older hardware, minimalist hardware (but lets face it, the old adage about “virtual memory => virtual performance” held in the 1960s and holds now. If you want performance get a PC/laptop with 32G of memory and graphics card that runs hotter than your house furnace, but that’s quite another matter.

The Linux desktop managers are innovative, but they do *NOT* dump the user’s experience and skills. You may not like some aspects of one or another, but they are amazingly customizable. The same goes for many applications.

He mentions LibreOffice, but there’s also OpenOffice and the Kalligra Suite for integrated office replacements. if you want more specific, and in some cases more powerful, but not integrated tools, word processors, spreadsheets, desktop databases, the choice is very wide. Some are written in Java and are portable across the Windows and OSX
spectrum as well.

But what amazes me is that he fails to mention two very powerful tools.

The first is the replacement for Photoshop. Gimp is a wonderful tool, but its not a replacement for Photoshop. Darktable is! Darktable integrates with cameras and lenses in a way that Gimp does not.  There’s also ‘digikam‘.

The second is the matter of Active Directory. The pioneering and definitive work on non-Microsoft implementation was done by the Samba team, and there were some spin-off from that project like ‘rsync‘ which have become staple programs that are essential to the functioning of the Internet and Cloud technology. Samba is bundles with Linux and is the
definitive AD replacement. I have a major client that runs its Windows environment from a pair of high end HP machines (think HP9000 blade servers) running HP/UX using SAMBA.


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