Nine Reasons To Avoid Sugar As If Your Life Depended On It

English: Turbinado SugarI tell people I gave up sugar the day John Lennon was shot.
There’s no reason his death influenced it, it was just a coincidence.

I had learnt about how the slave trade was used to boost sugar production and consumption, how sugar had been rare before that, and was
so disgusted I gave it up.

Well you can’t, really, but you can give up adding refined (white) sugar to your drinks and cereal, and give up on cane sugar and corn syrup.
Perhaps that is a reason I stay slim.

That, along with giving up aspartamine (I’m allergic and its another excitotoxin like MSG) has probably done wonders for me.

Yes I do eat sugar; its cooked into breads and much more. You can’t absolutely avoid it without purging your diet. Then there are many
fruit sugars of differing glysimic index. I use chopped raisins as a sweetener in my cereal, for example.

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