This blog is about books, but not in the usual way. Its not a conventional book review site such as “Bookgasm” or Rob Slade’s excellent collection of reviews. While I read all of Rob’s reviews and have even bought some books he’s recommended, books to me mean something more.

The closest I’ve found to an explanation lies in James Burke’s Connection series. One thing leads to another and they interact. Burke illustrates the synergy and synthesis, but he also points out that his examples go round in circles.

In Barnes, meeting the wonderful James Burke

I want to explore something different – the consequences of reading books, how they affect your thoughts, feelings and outlook on the world. Its been said by many people that books – the written word – has changed the world. The Bible, Koran and other religious and philosophical works, political works, and even scientific works if we count


My original thought was to title this blog “The Booksman’s Wake”, not so much after Dunning’s second Janeway book, but rather as a pun on the meaning of “Wake” – ‘In the aftermath of; as a consequence of’. But then as I thought about it I realized that Dunning had already used that pun.

The term ‘Emergent Properties’ comes from complexity theory

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