August Bank Holiday: The Island

We have various names for the holiday at the beginning of August here in Canada:

Or just plain, boring old “Civic Holiday”.

Back in the UK we were a little less boring and called it the August bank Holiday.  It was another excuse for the banks to shut.  In England the banks always seemed to be shut in the days of my youth.

But somewhere along the line it turned into a joke.   Some people say it was because of the TV comedy The Goodies, other blame Monty Python.   But the idea is that this day falls somewhere approximately half way between Easter and Christmas, so, since there is an Easter Island and a Christmas Island, there ought to be a August bank Holiday Island.

And like so much of fiction it has developed its own sort of reality on the net.

But no, what kind of  country is it?  Is it a “Fascist Authoritarian State”, a “Democratic Free Nation”, an “Inoffensive Centrist Democracy”, communist, facist?  What kind of economy does it have?  They can’t seem to make up their minds.

Enquiring minds want to know …


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