Macro? Well, No

All the lenses for my Canon and Minolta have Macro capability.  There’s something about zoom lenses, it seems, the lends then to being able to be macro lenses without the need for an extension tube or bellows.  In macro mode the zoom function now becomes a sort of focusing mechanism. … Continue reading

I Acquire a Panasonic GF-1

Last weekend I paid a visit to my friend Subash Raman.  He has returned recently from a trip to California and is staying with friends in King City.   Unlike Toronto where there’s a coffee bar at nearly every intersection, you really need a car to drive a few miles to… Continue reading

Print publishers have no idea who is buying their books

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Could you live without your iPhone, Facebook or coffee?   Nearly 15 percent reported they would rather go without sex, and 40 percent would abstain from coffee instead of disconnecting.  18 percent wouldn’t mind forgoing their daily shower. That’s dedication to electronics. Related articles Apple to ditch iPhone YouTube app ( iPhone more powerful than Curiosity Mars rover,… Continue reading

“Ooh, sooo cute. Want!” MD is making a splash at Computex this week with its own mini PC setup, the AMD LiveBox. Powered by one of AMD’s X86-based Fusion chips, the LiveBox boasts 1GB of RAM and Radeon HD 6200 graphics. The model on display features 64GB of SSD storage, which can be… Continue reading

On being taught what you already know

There’s an interesting article in this month’s ISSA journal about awareness by Gordie Stewart..  I think it can be generalized to all of education, not just adult education in technology. The mainstream approach of teaching topics regardless of what audiences already know or perceive seems an extraordinarily wasteful approach of… Continue reading

I’m not a great lolcats fan but …

But this one is rather good:   There are days like that. There are weeks like that. I wonder about years sometimes.   Related articles Lolcats: Schrödinger( Lolcats: Zomkitties( UK student produces 98-page dissertation on LOLCats( The Earliest LOLCats and Other 19th-Century Animal Photography(