The Benjamin Franklin Method: How to (Actually) Learn to Write Well, that’s interesting. I’m not sure I’ve ever learned that way. I learned to program in C by taking a core dump of the UNIX kernel and reconstructing what the source code must have been with only the header files.  Yes I know about “The White Books”, but lets… Continue reading

How to Bring Back Manufacturing Jobs In many ways this isn’t just about manufacturing, though the numbers are clear there. Elsewhere there is a shortage in “cybersecurity”, which, when you look at it, isn’t so much about ‘security, per se but basic IT systems and network management. It doesn’t take a CISSP or CISA to… Continue reading

Do Algorithms Discriminate? Personally I think this is unfair. It fails to differentiate between what I might term loaded or even pre-loaded algorithms and pure algorithms Consider, if you will a Fibonacci sequence generator. Such a sequence is defined by the formula F(n) = F(n−1) + F(n−2) Normally the seed values are… Continue reading

Death to Bullet Points – maybe

I think this is an oversimplification or over-generalization: Well written prose is more engaging.  It all depends on context. Are you blogging or giving a presentation? One of my complaints about many of my teachers at school was that they taught in an unstructured manner. History was the worst…. Continue reading

Self serving ..

This and this both seem very self serving, protectionist and supporting 19th century models of life against change. The FBI never really recovered from the death of Edgar Hoover, though I’m sure they still have all his files 🙂 Of course when the FBI tried converting to modern… Continue reading

Mt. Vernon, Texas, whorehouse sues local church

I don’t know how authentic this is, but it’s an interesting theological conundrum. MT. VERNON, TEXAS, WHOREHOUSE SUES LOCAL CHURCH OVER LIGHTNING STRIKE Diamond D’s brothel began construction on an expansion of their building to increase their ever-growing business. In response, the local Baptist Church started a campaign to block… Continue reading

Cool App – GTD based on TiddlyWiki This is one of the Get Things Done derived tools. Its a HTML app written entirely in Javascript and is quite portable across all architectures. All you need is a browser, any browser that can handle Javascript. Which excludes the text-only ones. So this can live on your thumbdrive… Continue reading