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A basic litter box and a bag of litter

A basic litter box and a bag of litter (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I went, yesterday, to PetSmart to get some cat letter.
Normally I but the oversized package that weighs almost half what I do, but crunching the numbers, I chose the smaller size which was on
discount, just $7.99+tax.

At the checkout the lady there told me that I should keep the receipt as it meant a $5 discount on my next purchase.

I put the cat litter in the trunk and looked at the receipt. This discount was valid though to Jan 31, 2014, but there was nothing saying
when it was valid FROM.

Today? Now?

I could save myself another trip.

The next receipt, for which box of cat litter I paid just over $3, also had a $5 discount on it.

I drove home with five boxes of cat litter. That was all the trunk had room for with all the other stuff that was in it.

I thought of hiring a pick-up truck but that would have been too expensive and too time consuming doing the step-and-repeat.

I’m going back tomorrow, once I’ve unloaded the trunk.

I’m not sure where to put all these boxes.


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Anton Aylward

I’m not a great lolcats fan but …

Days like that...

But this one is rather good:


There are days like that.
There are weeks like that.

I wonder about years sometimes.


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For the Birds

Someone in my condo estate doesn’t like cats.
The last few newsletters have had short articles complaining that while dogs have to be kept on leashes (and no, they aren’t always) cats are allowed to roam free. The author of the article justifies this in terms dead birds around bird-feeders. I think that author doesn’t understand cats and doesn’t understand birds and doesn’t understand bird-feeders. Continue reading