Five Reasons why I haven’t used my DSLR for months: Digital Photography Interesting thoughts here. There is no doubt that a (D)SLR is bulky and heavy, and the nature of the beast is to carry accessories. But if you are doing ‘professional’ photography or specialized shooting, its a necessity. “Street Photography” is another matter I decided to invest in a ‘shirt… Continue reading

My Fuji F600EXR Arrives!

I collected the Fujifilm Finepix F600EXR that I had ordered via Amazon from the post office this evening. There’s a bit of a back-story:  I had won a Amazon gift certificate at a trade conference and decided to use it to buy a small camera.  I talk in terms of… Continue reading

A photographic study in light, Rembrant style and others This is important, but it isn’t quite what I want to say. Lets leave it at this is an excellent first order approximation. Where I differ is the ‘studio‘. If you’re in a studio everything changes vs being on the street. Its the ONE situation where a fixed lens… Continue reading

Macro? Well, No

All the lenses for my Canon and Minolta have Macro capability.  There’s something about zoom lenses, it seems, the lends then to being able to be macro lenses without the need for an extension tube or bellows.  In macro mode the zoom function now becomes a sort of focusing mechanism. … Continue reading

I Acquire a Panasonic GF-1

Last weekend I paid a visit to my friend Subash Raman.  He has returned recently from a trip to California and is staying with friends in King City.   Unlike Toronto where there’s a coffee bar at nearly every intersection, you really need a car to drive a few miles to… Continue reading