Do Algorithms Discriminate? Personally I think this is unfair. It fails to differentiate between what I might term loaded or even pre-loaded algorithms and pure algorithms Consider, if you will a Fibonacci sequence generator. Such a sequence is defined by the formula F(n) = F(n−1) + F(n−2) Normally the seed values are… Continue reading

Why switch to Windows 10 or a Mac when you can use Linux instead? This guy is obsessive about Mint! There’s a plethora of minor things in that article which show up his limited experience with Linux. Many of the complaints about Windows and the MAC are about what, to put it in a short form, involve “dumping’ users. Every Windows upgrade has… Continue reading

Augmented Reality Contact Lenses Add this to the iPhone app that you can point to the night sky and it overlays the names of the planets and constelations … or perhaps   Related articles The contact lenses that could be the future of augmented reality ( Get Virtual Breast Implants… Continue reading

Could you live without your iPhone, Facebook or coffee?   Nearly 15 percent reported they would rather go without sex, and 40 percent would abstain from coffee instead of disconnecting.  18 percent wouldn’t mind forgoing their daily shower. That’s dedication to electronics. Related articles Apple to ditch iPhone YouTube app ( iPhone more powerful than Curiosity Mars rover,… Continue reading

“Ooh, sooo cute. Want!” MD is making a splash at Computex this week with its own mini PC setup, the AMD LiveBox. Powered by one of AMD’s X86-based Fusion chips, the LiveBox boasts 1GB of RAM and Radeon HD 6200 graphics. The model on display features 64GB of SSD storage, which can be… Continue reading