Macro? Well, No

All the lenses for my Canon and Minolta have Macro capability.  There’s something about zoom lenses, it seems, the lends then to being able to be macro lenses without the need for an extension tube or bellows.  In macro mode the zoom function now becomes a sort of focusing mechanism.  I don’t now the details.

But the 45-200mm lens with the GF1 doesn’t seem to have a macro function.

Typical close-up lensYou can also do close-up work with a magnifying “filter” lens at the front of the camera.  I have one of these but its a 58mm thread and the lens on the GF-1 is 52mm.

Never the less, I tried to do a “macro” shot of some flowers.  I like taking pictures of flowers.  They stay where you put them, don’t complain that you’re taking too long, that they are getting tired and bored or need to go pee.  And they don’t complain afterwards about the poor quality of the shots.

So here I am experimenting … I’ve read that you can use a telephoto lens to do macro work … sort of.  So this is what I tried and I’m a bit indifferent about the results.  Here are the four shots I kept.

All were taken with the Lumix G Vario 45-200m lens

#1: 1/100sec, F5.6, ISO 400,  14:07:33

#2: 1/60sec, F5.6, ISO 400 14:07:33

#3: 1/80sec, F5.6, ISO 400, 14:08:10

#4: 1/100sec, F5.2, ISO 400, 14:08:42


You’ll notice that there are focus problems.  Well in fact these four were the only ones where flowers were in the picture.  This being a zoom telephoto lens and not a macro lens I had to stand well back and the slightest movement of the camera took the flowers out of the view.  It was difficult “finding” them again!

I’m sure there’s a “flower” setting in the GF1’s “[SCN]” control.  I”ll have to try again with that.  And a tripod.

And a diffferent lens, one with proper macro capability!


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