Walmart: An economic cancer on our cities Not a new idea. Back in the last century I took a vacation to lake Placid and they had successfully passed a city ordinance banning Wal-mart and a few other ‘big box’ stores. Much has bee written on how the likes of Chapters/Indigo has destroyed the small bookstore. Reality… Continue reading

Sometimes storing electricity makes no (energetic) sense It depends on how one is storing the energy. In Wales there are “hollow Hills” as a result of coal mining.  Water is pimped there  at night while the country sleeps and then drained to power turbo-electric generators during the day when demand is high.   This balances the demand… Continue reading

On the real cost of wind farms

Please read “ELECTRICITY UTILITY PHILOSOPHY” and ask yourself questions like: Have the “greens” high-jacked the agenda? Have our politicians succumbed to popular opinion rather than hard economic facts? Related articles UK ‘too negative’ towards wind farms Wind turbines: A blight on Britain’s countryside or the future of energy? Ikea just… Continue reading

Canada’s counter terrorism strategy Here in Kanukistaniland, Vic Toews (remember him? Check the archives for Febuary of last year to see an example of him being idiotic in his role as Minister of Pubic Safety) has published a “2013 Public Report on the Terrorist Threat to Canada” You can read it at the… Continue reading

New evidence may shed light on mythical sea monter Let’s leave aside one of Clarke’s laws – the one about reputable scientists saying what is and isn’t so (heck, I’m an engineer and engineers take a dim view of the limitations imposed by physical laws) but lets just focus on how some scientific theories were pooh-poohed for a… Continue reading

Cool App – GTD based on TiddlyWiki This is one of the Get Things Done derived tools. Its a HTML app written entirely in Javascript and is quite portable across all architectures. All you need is a browser, any browser that can handle Javascript. Which excludes the text-only ones. So this can live on your thumbdrive… Continue reading