Who’s Winning the Fight for the Best In-Car Technology


I think this is the media mouthing off again.

Winning“? Gimme a break!

Chrysler invented, patented and licensed, the lock up torque converter. Who won that “war”?

Subaru have a brake-clutch interlock that lets you brake to a stop at the stop lights then take your foot off the brake pedal; the car doesn’t move until you touch the accelerator. Love it! What war was that?

Citroen have a hydraulic powered drive system. We all know about the suspension but the fluid pressure powered the steering and the braking. If the engine fails you still have powered steering and powered breaking as the weight of the car settles and maintain the hydraulic pressure. You don’t get that with the electronic, computer controlled suspension on, for example, my old Buick Park Avenue. Rolls Royce make, unannounced, use of Citroen’s technology. That’s was a war? Who noticed?

The point I’m making here is that there is a lot of excellent and proprietary
technology and features around in the auto world as well. Diversity and
competition and differentiation is part of what makes ‘capitalism’ and
competition wonderful. Monopolies are boring, there’s no incentive to innovate.
Oligopolies, as our cell phone infrastructure and energy structure (think “Big Oil”) demonstrate.


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